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The Zippey Trolley is bi-directional, so there’s no wrong way to fit it. Zippey offers a one handed action with either a single or double locking mechanism for increased safety.

Zippey has a speed rating of 60mph (90kph), which is based on the use of the same high spec deep groove, double row ball bearings, as used in our Zipspeed range. The expected life of the bearings should be more than 1000 miles (1500km).

Accessories available for the Zippey Trolleys

ARC – Anti Roll Back Cam. This innovative add on solves many of the issues associated with modern zip lines. Riders who reach the egress platform can roll back out onto the line requiring staff intervention. The ARC ensures that the rider remains in position over the egress platform by camming against the zip line cable maintaining their position.

Handle Accessory – There is now an available handle accessory for the Zippey making it possible for riders to ‘steer’ into the arrival station.


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The Zippey Trolley has replaceable end stops with two different options. Durable acetal end stops protect the trolley frame. Zippey can be supplied with standard, flat end stops, or is available with hooked end stops (as an optional extra), onto which you can mount a secondary lanyard.

The simple, yet secure spring loaded double locking gate mechanism can be easily operated with finger or thumb.

The gate mechanism features a twin keylock (anti-snag) nose for strength and security. The gate closure is effected by a standard stainless steel carabiner gate spring, ensuring a smooth, positive and long-life action.

Zippey is designed to accept a 25mm (1″) wide webbing, which can be girth-hitched directly into it. The attachment hole has radiussed edges to minimize lanyard wear.

MBS – 25kn

Unit Weight  – 1lb (450g)

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 15.4 × 13.1 × 4.6 cm
End Detail

Flat, Hooked


International Safety Components (ISC)

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