We kick off the installation process with an overview of your design needs. Whether you’re building a challenge course, aerial adventure park, zip line tours, climbing wall, or family entertainment centre, we are committed to providing you with an adventure facility that meets the specific needs of your client.

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We will work with you to outline the costs specific to the needs of the project and to help you plan the development of your adventure facilities. We offer consultation services where you can work side-by-side with one of our lead designers who are experts in design and installation.

To get you started, we’ve put together some helpful information for you to consider.


We design and build Challenge Courses that align with the program and goals of your Adventure Facility.

Challenges Courses can consist of a variety of elements and individual or team experiences. Consider the options below:

Self Belayed Courses

  • Single or multiple height courses, in trees or on poles, utilizing personal safety systems

Team Belayed Elements

  • Allows for multiple climbers and participant belayers during a session (e.g. Dangle A Maze, Team All Aboard, Vertical Playground)

Dynamically Belayed Elements

  • Individual and team challenges

Low Elements

  • Individual and team challenges


Adventure Parks are a great avenue for people seeking unique opportunities in the outdoors. Our course designs are divided into two categories:

Integrated Web

  • Consists of a number of activities at several different levels of height and difficulty and between anchor points, like trees or utility poles, within a relatively contained area
  • Although Integrated has a defined access and egress point(s), there is often not a single defined path


  • Consists of a defined start/access point and multiple activities usually at one height that follow a defined path through to the end of the Aerial Adventure Park

CUI utilizes two main operating systems for Aerial Adventure Courses:


Edelrid Smart Belay X

  • Best personal safety system lanyard for the Aerial Adventure Park market
  • Providing a consistent connection to the overhead lifelines, this unit simplifies the process for training clients in their personal safety and increases throughput as a result of shorter training time

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Vertical Trek – Ocho Max Hook

  • The most cost-effective continuous safety system on the market
  • Offers customers a simple and effective solution to fall protection for parks with high volume use

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We offer two choices in the design and installation for those looking to design and operate a Family Entertainment Centre:

Custom Course

  • Indoors or outdoors, built to fit your available space, budget and operational objectives
  • Choose the Edelrid Smart Belay X or Vertical Trek Quicktrekker fall protection system

RCI Adventure Products

We partnered with RCI Adventure Products™ to offer an even wider range of facility designs to potential customers. The Sky Trail™, Sky Rail™ and Sky Tykes™ Courses are a great option for your Family Entertainment Centre. As an authorized provider for installation, training and inspection services for this product line, we can help to facilitate the design and layout for your RCI project.

Fully customizable with various themes, colours, interactive elements, and ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, Sky Trail® aerial attractions deliver unforgettable, thrilling and challenging experiences to participants of all ages in facilities around the world. Sky Trail™, Sky Rail™ and Sky Tykes™ are engineered using U.S. patented integrated systems to ensure participants are kept safe and staff requirements are kept to a minimum in comparison to other similar adventure attractions.

These aerial attractions are unique within the amusement industry,as each element or activity is easy to manoeuvre through—there is no predetermined path. Each Sky Trail has a continuous overhead tracking system that prevents participants from disconnecting their redundant sling lines while traversing through the activities.

Each Sky Trail can be tailored to suit a range of facilities and can grow depending on the client’s overall needs. Safety focused designs and engaging add-on elements such as Sky Rail or QuickFlight combine to not only give participants a great experience, but provide a quick return on investment and additional revenue streams for business owners as well.

View the RCI Adventure Products


From backyard Zip Lines to large-scale commercial Zip Line operations, we have the experience to build your Zip Line project.

Zip Lines are perhaps the simplest of all the cabled structures, yet they are also the most complicated to ensure they work well. We design and install zip lines that create a consistent, smooth and comfortable ride for each participant.

We use the zipSTOP self-regulating eddy current magnetic braking system to brake zip line participants safely and comfortably. This has allowed for Zip Lines to be installed in locations where in the past it may not have been possible.


We have built walls and towers for a wide range of clients. Our walls are indoor or outdoor, come in a variety of colours, and are customized for your site. We offer a couple key design and material options:

Decked Walls

  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Utilize treated wood/decking for outdoor and cedar decking for indoor
  • Climbing holds are attached using a variety of methods for route setting

Performance Panels

  • Plywood panels, textured with your choice of colour(s)
  • Climbing holds are attached using a variety of methods for route setting

Real Roc

  • Pre-formed concrete panels that mimic a real rock surface
  • Panels bolted to a steel structure in a pattern that creates a very realistic looking climbing surface
  • Minimal climbing holds based on design and climbing surface.

Clip ‘N Climb®

Clip ‘n Climb® provides visitors with a fresh take on the world of traditional climbing.

These inventive climbing walls feature different challenges and appeal to people of all ages. Facilities may select from a large variety of climbing walls and other activities that range in difficulty, engaging features, an array of energetic colors, different textures, and out of the box shapes guaranteed to engage participants.

To create the ideal entertainment space, we recommend pairing Clip ‘n Climb® with a Sky Trail® and further increase the overall profitability of your facility. The attractions combined utilize the same safety equipment and offer numerous elements to venture onto, climb and explore resulting in an ideal fun climbing, adventure-filled experience.

Each standard climbing wall comes in 5-8 panels to accommodate varying ceiling heights. Based on your facility, climbing activities can be determined to best suit the space.

Features & Benefits

  1. Safe and reliable

    Utilizes TRUBLUE™ Auto Belays and Self Belay™ connectors; the most tested and trusted climbing wall safety equipment solutions.

  2. Low labour cost

    Under certain scenarios a 1:12 ratio of operator to participant is achievable.

  3. Ease of operation

    Participants use the same safety harnesses used on the Sky Trail®.

  4. Visually attractive

    Spectators will gather to watch participants on colourful walls which becomes a valuable source of additional income.

  5. All skill levels

    Large variety of challenges to select from that range in difficulty to appeal to both beginners and climbing enthusiasts.

Height required

for standard Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls

  • 5 panels 22ft (6.8m)
  • 6 panels 26ft (8.0m)
  • 7 panels 30ft (9.2m)
  • 8 panels 34ft (10.4m)


If you dream it, we can build it. We have been installing Adventure Facilities across Canada for over 30 years. As consultants, designers and expert builders, we ensure high quality, innovative and functional Adventure Facilities.

Whether training staff to operate your facility, equipment procurement, an annual inspection, or regulatory compliance guidance, we continue to support you.


We will help you design your Adventure Facility to function as intended. With years of experience and
enterprise, CUI is the right choice for your installation needs.

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