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We are proud to be the Canadian Service Centre for Head Rush Technologies, Edelrid, ISC Wales, and Vertical Trek Products.

Recertification Costs







QuickJump / QuickFlight


*As of Jan 1, 2022, Head Rush Technologies will no longer provide re-certification of the QuickJump as this product has been replaced by the QuickFlight.

Smart Belay


Alf Climb Assist Pulley


CBS Units


CLiC-IT ® Lanyards

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* All prices are per unit, parts are additional on the above costs. Taxes not included.



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How does shipping work?

You are responsible for the shipping costs related to any services. This said, we are happy to work with you to co-ordinate the shipping. We do a lot of shipping, so we have excellent shipping rates and can send shipping labels to you to save you time and money!

What do I ship my unit(s) in?

For Head Rush Technologies products, you must ship your units in the original packaging with custom foam inserts you received when you purchased the unit(s). If you require replacement boxes, please contact us via the form below. Please note there is a charge on replacement boxes.

All other manufacturer’s products can be shipped in a container of your choice. Contents should be protected with appropriate packing material.

Do you have rental units while my products are being serviced?

It is possible depending on the unit being serviced. We will work with you from a timing perspective to ensure your down time is as minimal as possible. If you would like to discuss this further, feel free to reach out via our form.

Can I ship products that require servicing if I am not in Canada?

We are only able to service products that are in Canada.  If you reside in the USA, please contact Head Rush Technologies directly.

How is payment made?

We accept Visa or Mastercard, and payment must be made before units are returned.

How long does it take for service on my units?

Turnaround time is generally within 5 business days upon arrival of your units. In cases where this cannot be met, we will ensure you are made aware.  Specific timing accommodations are also possible.  Please contact us for further details.

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