Founding Beliefs

People learn and develop most effectively by actively doing or experiencing. Building Adventure Facilities that are motivating and exciting enable individuals and groups to challenge themselves and take risks that are cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and even spiritual in nature.

What Drives Us

What Sets Us Apart

Putting In The Work

What Drives Us

As the years have passed, our passion to constantly challenge ourselves remains strong. As
leaders in the industry, we continue to test what is possible to push the limits of design
innovation to meet client’s individual needs and delight them with superior results.

What Sets Us Apart

CUI comes equipped with a wide range of staff experience. Our team members bring diverse and well-rounded expertise that allows us to deliver upon our founding principles: to design, innovate, inspect, and train with integrity, compassion, ingenuity, and reliability

Putting In The Work

Our impact and experience is self-evident in the work we have done over the past 30 years+.




Inspections and
Installation Manager

Kristy <br/>Oosterhuis


Finance and
Operations Manager



Equipment Sales, Marketing
& Training Services Manager



Service Centre and
Project Manager



Equipment Sales, Assistant
Training Services Manager



Installer, Inspector,



Installer, Inspector,



Installer, Inspector,



Installer, Inspector,



Installer, Inspector,



Service Centre

cross-icon Bryan<br/>Oosterhuis

Bryan Oosterhuis

Inspections and Installation Manager

Bryan started at CUI at the age of 14 and has now worked with the company since, save 3 years away to attend Fanshawe College for Construction Engineering. Bryan is incredibly knowledgeable on all the work CUI does across Canada serving our client base. In 2020, Bryan started the transition to ownership with his wife Kristy.

As Inspections and Installation Services Manager, Bryan is the contact for clients looking to schedule services related to the building of new adventure facilities as well as the maintenance and inspections of pre-existing courses. Bryan is a certified ICE inspector through the Association of Challenge Course Technology as well as a certified Technical Safety Standards Association Zip Line Mechanic.

Bryan enjoys spending time with his 3 kids, as well as camping, canoeing and playing hockey.

cross-icon Kristy <br/>Oosterhuis

Kristy Oosterhuis

Finance and Operations Manager

Kristy grew up in Southern Ontario and attended Fanshawe College and obtained a diploma as a Child and Youth Worker. She was involved in this industry for a number of years, including work experience with the Trillium Lakelands District School Board, beginning in 2011. In 2020, Kristy started the transition to ownership with her husband Bryan.

Kristy acts as CUI’s Finance and Operations Manager, handling this side of the business including invoicing, accounts payable and other matters related to the finance and operation of the business. She is also responsible for CUI’s Social Media platforms.

Kristy enjoys playing outside with her 3 busy kids, and spends time partaking in travel, fitness and hosting social gatherings.

cross-icon Miles<br/>Villneff

Miles Villneff

Equipment Sales, Marketing & Training Services Manager

Miles joined CUI in 2019 after 10 years full time in the children’s camping industry as an Outdoor Education Director and Assistant Director of Program at two large overnight camps in Ontario. He is a graduate of Algonquin College’s Outdoor Adventure Program as well as has obtained a B.G.S. from Thompson Rivers University.

At CUI, Miles is responsible for Managing all things related to our Training Services, Equipment Sales and Marketing. Miles’ role is office based, ensuring clients are well supported in these areas. Miles’ experience in the industry provides him with a deep understanding of the challenges Camp Director’s and managers of adventure facilities have as he works to support them in operating their program.

Miles enjoys being outside as much as possible with his wife and 2 boys. Much of their time is spent camping, hiking, and downhill skiing.

cross-icon Lucas<br/>Ginger

Lucas Ginger

Service Centre and Project Manager

Lucas became a CUI team member in 2020, joining as a Service Centre Technician. Lucas is a graduate of Sir Sanford Fleming’s Forestry program. He is very experienced with construction and best building practices, which lends itself well to the day to day work he does with CUI.

More recently, Lucas moved into the role of Service Centre Manager and Project Manager for CUI. In this role, Lucas works directly with clients to understand their needs during the installation process as well as behind the scenes with the many logistics that go along side of a new builds and maintenance projects.

Lucas enjoys camping and being outside with his wife and 2 boys when not working.

cross-icon Gordie<br/>Johnson

Gordie Johnson

Equipment Sales, Assistant Training Services Manager

Gordie first joined CUI in 2018, and after a brief hiatus he retuned to the team in 2022. Gordie is a Graduate of Lakehead University’s Outdoor Recreation program. Gordie managed a number of challenge course facilities for various summer camps in Ontario in his university days, which provides him with excellent insight into the inner workings of programs at camps.

Gordie supports CUI’s Training Services and Equipment Sales. Gordie is also CUI’s Lead Trainer, and so you can find him at various sites across Canada training our clients on operations of challenge courses. Gordie also develops curriculum for all trainings and supports CUI’s trainers and their professional development.

Gordie enjoys spending time with his wife and young son, along with playing a round of disc golf when not training for CUI.

cross-icon Pete<br/>Donald

Pete Donald

Installer, Inspector, Trainer

Hailing from Scotland, Pete was introduced to the challenge course industry while working at Camp Kirk where he went on to lead the challenge course program for a couple of summers. When not working at camp Pete was studying Civil & Environmental Engineering in Scotland where he completed his education before going on to work as a Transport Engineering consultant. After two years as a consultant he returned to Canada to work with CUI in 2021.

Pete works as a Installer, Inspector and Trainer for CUI carrying out projects and trainings across Canada. He also focuses his time on completing renderings, assisting in project planning and logistics for larger course builds using his critical thinking skills and tech savviness to assist in putting projects into motion.

Pete enjoys soccer (as he calls it – football), and can be found driving across large areas of Ontario when not working with CUI and finding opportunities to play soccer with others.

cross-icon Chris<br/>Chesham

Chris Chesham

Installer, Inspector, Trainer

Chris joined CUI in 2022 after spending a number of years in the outdoor industry working for non-profit summer camps and outdoor education centres, specializing his time focusing on  challenge course programs with a true passion for facilitating these experiences and helping participants grow and push their limits.

Chris is based out of Calgary, providing installation, inspection and training services to clients in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Calgary is a prime location to support CUI’s Western Client Base with all required services, and you will often see him out there on site with a coffee in hand!

Chris has a passion for being outdoors, and can be found hiking, cycling and visiting cool outdoor locations with his wife.

cross-icon Jesse<br/>Oakes

Jesse Oakes

Installer, Inspector, Trainer

Jesse joined CUI in 2022. Jesse worked at summer camps in his early working life and alongside with his introduction to the outdoor climbing world when he was teenager, CUI has been a natural fit.

As an Installer, Inspector and Trainer, Jesse works on a variety of projects for CUI throughout Canada and can often be found in the air. Jesse is CUI’s resident expert on taking down TRUBLUES from high heights, given his strong climbing skills and length.

Jesse can often be found at the climbing gym when not at CUI.

cross-icon Liam<br/>Coon

Liam Coon

Installer, Inspector, Trainer

Liam is CUI’s most recent audition joining us in spring of 2023. Liam is a Graduate of the Algonquin College’s Outdoor Adventure program and has spent numerous years in a variety of roles including canoe trip leader, outdoor educator and a dog sled guide.

In his role as Installer, Inspector and Trainer, Liam will be support in the delivery of these services for our client base.

Liam can be found on the disc golf course when not working, or as many folks on the team he spends time outdoors pursuing his outdoor passions.

cross-icon Devon<br/>MacPherson

Devon MacPherson

Installer, Inspector, Trainer

Devon is the newest addition to the CUI team! In his early years, he enjoyed his summers at camp and seasons as a Boy Scout. After heading north to complete a degree in Outdoor Recreation at Lakehead University, Devon naturally transitioned to working as a guide and facilitator for many different camps and organizations. He has worn a number of different ‘hats’ – but he is most excited to put his helmet on for CUI every day!

Devon is an avid outdoorsman and can be found hanging out with his wife and young son in his downtime. It’s never a dull moment with their crew of four-legged friends – including 6 Alaskan huskies who take them on many snowy adventures!

cross-icon Justin<br/>Stewart

Justin Stewart

Service Centre Technician

Justin joined CUI in 2022, working in our Service Centre. He loves the mechanical nature of his role; and supporting CUI’s client base with these skills.

Justin works in CUI’s Service Centre on a daily basis, and almost always can be found there. He primarily services hundreds of Head Rush Technologies products such as TRUBLUE’S, zipSTOP’s and QuickFLIGHT’S. Justin also services supplier products from Edelrid and ISC.

In his free time, Justin enjoys spending time outside, either canoeing or fishing, or working on mechanics.

Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) Founding Member

The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) is an international trade association dedicated to standards, government relations, credentialing, professional development and advancement of our members. ACCT is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Developer, focused on publishing current, effective standards for the industry, the public, and regulators.

CUI has been a Professional Vendor Member (PVM) of the ACCT since 1993. We continue to be actively involved with the ACCT, with employees on the Board of Directors (for total of 13 years) and past and present members on the Operations and Certification Committee, Standards Development Committee, Conference Committee, Worker Safety Committee, Government Relations Committee, Vendor Accreditation Panel, Technical Information Research & Education Committee and the Emeritus Board of Directors.

Our Accredited ACCT
Installation Services
Our Accredited ACCT Training Certification Services
Our Accredited ACCT
Inspection Services

About TimeLine



Formation of CUI


Formation of The
Association of Challenge
Course (ACCT). First
Standards Released. CUI is
a founding member.



Designs and installs first indoor steel fully accessible course at Variety Village. Still operating today.


First 3 Level static challenge
course with regular, universal
and accessible elements at
Camp Oochigeas


Andrew Hubert
Critical Link Award
Winner for
Outstanding Service
to ACCT.


120 ft Suspension Bridge installed at Muskoka Woods.

Static Challenge Course installed at Kinark Outdoor Centre specifically designed for families with a child with autism spectrum disorder


Become Canadian Head
Rush Technology
Authorized Service Centre



CUI installs first
commercial aerial park at
Fernie Ski Resort.


CUI invited to work with
TSSA in their development
of regulation for zip lines
in Ontario.


Become Edelrid
Adventure Park Distributor
and Smart Belay Master
Technician Service Centre



Sarah Oosterhuis Critical
Link Award Winner for
Outstanding Service to


CUI becomes Authorized
Canadian Installer for RCI
Adventure Products.


CUI installs our first two
RCI Adventure Sky Trail &
Sky Rails


After 32 years, ownership
expands to include Bryan
and Kristy Oosterhuis


  • 15,406


    Building Adventure Courses

  • 2,627


    of Course Inspections

  • 4,024


    of Leading Trainings

  • 15,434

    Participants Trained

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