Head Rush – zipSTOP Zip Line Brake


The best brake for your zip line. The zipSTOP uses a self-regulating magnetic braking system to brake zip line participants smoothly and comfortably.

Each facility zip line needs are unique and zipSTOP units start at $7,572. To purchase please contact via email @  or call (705) 385-4209.


The zipSTOP Zip Line Brake provide zip line operators with a smooth and comfortable alternative for zip line braking. Compared to other braking systems, such as springs, the zipSTOP provides a much more comfortable rider experience.  Our magnetic eddy current braking system also accommodates a wide range of rider weights and speeds.

With consistent braking and automatic reset, the zipSTOP minimizes the potential for human error in the braking process. This low maintenance system eliminates the needs for rider involvement in braking and significantly reduces staff involvement as well.  Less involvement means higher throughput for your zip line or canopy tour.

Additional information

Weight 23.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12.6 × 8.5 cm


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