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$3334 CDN plus taxes and shipping for 24.6ft TRUBLUE IQ

$3334 CDN plus taxes and shipping for 41ft TRUBLUE IQ.

$3594 CDN plus taxes and shipping for 65.4ft TRUBLUE IQ XL.

The TRUBLUE IQ is the best Auto Belay available on the market, and “future-proofs” you for the to be released TRUBUE IQ+.

Designed for climbing and engineered for safety, the TRUBLUE IQ Auto Belay provides many unique benefits to operators. Available with webbing lengths of 7.5m and 12m to fit your application. To purchase please contact via email at or call (705) 706-0485.


The Most tested and trusted auto belay in the world just got even better. Utilizing the same patented magnetic braking that climbers love, the next generation TRUBLUE IQ Auto Belay is more durable and lighter than ever before. Engineered with the future in mind, it is also upgrade-ready. Don’t miss out on the next big climbing innovation – future-proof your business today with TRUBLUE IQ.

The TRUBLUE IQ Auto Belay is the next generation of indoor and outdoor climbing wall auto belays. Designed for the climbing industry, thousands of TRUBLUE’s are in use around the world in climbing gyms, ropes courses, family entertainment centers and more.

TRUBLUE’s self-regulating magnetic braking system is the result of years of research, development and testing. Head Rush’s auto belay is designed for climbers and engineered for safety.  TRUBLUE Auto Belays are engineered to meet the strictest safety standards, including extensive testing by one of the leading certification bodies in the world, TUV/SUD Product Service GmbH.

The TRUBLUE IQ is available in three webbing lengths:

24.6ft (7.5m)

41ft (12.5m)

XL – 65ft (20m)



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12.5m (41 feet), 20m (65.4 feet), 7.5m (24 feet)

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