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Fast, one-handed installation on the line and a longer lifespan – meet the trolley that changed the trolley!

Split-second, one-handed installation will make your guides happy and increase throughput, and the integrated trigger attachment removes the worry of dropping the trolley while installing it on the line. High quality materials and premium bearings increase the lifespan of the trolley, and the EZ Clip is rugged enough to withstand impact braking without unnecessary bulk. This item is not regularly stocked. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Please contact Equipment Sales  or call (705) 385-4209 with any inquiries.



Made to Last

The EZ Clip Zip Line Trolley is made with high-strength, tempered aluminum alloy and has high performance bearings for a longer lifespan.

Trigger Activated

One-handed installations for happy guides and higher throughput, just press the orange trigger against the line to activate.

Fastest Compact Trolleys

Four ABEC rated bearings make these the fastest compact zip line trolleys on the market, rated for speeds up to 75 mph.

Designed for Impact Braking

The EZ Clip Trolley is designed for impact braking with a durable front impact surface and a pivoting design. These features extend the life of the trolley while also reducing wear on your line and zip line gear.

Pivoting Design

The unique pivoting design moves with the rider to keep the trolley on the cable and create the smoothest ride and a better braking experience. Most trolleys drag their back end on the cable during braking, but our pivoting design prevents this to prevent excess wear on your line.

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EZ Clip Trolley, EZ Clip Trolley with Handle Accessory, EZ Clip Trolley with Hook Accessory, EZ Clip Trolley with Hook and Handle Accessories


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