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ONTARIO – Level 1 – Challenge Course Practitioner – September 2023

Level I Full Challenge Course Practitioner meets ACCT Certification Standards for Level 1 Full Certification

CUI’s certification system is accredited by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). Participants will receive intensive training and practice for the skills required to operate a challenge course facility: work at height; technical operations of elements; risk management; group facilitation skills and adventure sequencing & programming skills. Participants complete a written and practical test and if successful, receive certification.

  1. Technical skills

    Belaying; knots; staff access climbing systems & skills; dynamic belay setups.

  2. Rescue skills

    Will learn how to use the CUI Participant Assistance model.

  3. Risk management skills

    Will learn operation policies & procedures for working on a course; pre-use inspection skills; risk management theory; introduction to ACCT Standards.

  4. Facilitation & Programming skills

    Will participate in and learn a variety of initiatives & elements; exposure to program theory & facilitation skills; opportunity to facilitate an initiative experience for other participants.


  • Must be 18 years old to receive certification.
  • 5 days / 40 hrs curriculum plus testing
  • Valid for 1 year
  • Certified to be an Assistant Instructor
  • For those with less than 200 hours of program experience on a challenge course & less than 40 hrs of professional training
  • For those who will be working with a lead instructor
  • Focuses on the use of initiatives, low and high challenge courses, and indoor & outdoor climbing walls

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