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Level 2 – Challenge Course Practitioner – June 2021

Level II Full Challenge Course Practitioner meets ACCT Certification Standards for Level 2 Full Certification

CUI’s certification system is accredited by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). Participants will receive intensive training and practice for the skills required to operate a challenge course facility: work at height; technical operations of elements; risk management; group facilitation skills and adventure sequencing & programming skills. Participants complete a written and practical test and if successful, receive certification.

  1. Technical skills

    Consolidate CUI Level I skills plus prusik tie-off; operation of specialized belay systems: Participant Static Belay System, Aerial Trust Dive, Team Swing, Zip Line, Flying Squirrel; lost anchor retrieval; variety of knots; variety of belay devices; staff access climbing systems & skills

  2. Rescue skills

    Exposure to 2 rescue systems; will practice using one system; develop skills for lead role in a rescue.

  3. Risk management skills

    Will learn to how to develop a RMP; skills for daily management of course & program; pre-use & periodic inspection skills; risk management theory; focus on ACCT Standards.

  4. Facilitation & Programming skills

    Exposure to a variety of levels of facilitation; exposure to programming and change theories; will design and co-facilitate a low element, and receive detailed feedback on facilitation skills.


  • PREREQUISITE: Level 1 completion or Portfolio completion (download the Excel workbook).
  • PREREQUISITE: Must have CUI Level 1 training or equivalent.
  • PREREQUISITE: Must have 200 hrs of documented program experience on a challenge course.
  • PREREQUISITE: Must be 18 years old to receive certification.
  • 5 days / 40 hrs curriculum plus testing.
  • For those who will have responsibility for daily management of the challenge course
  • Focuses on use of initiatives, low and high challenge courses, and indoor & outdoor climbing walls
  • Certified to be a Lead Instructor. Valid for 3 years.

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    • Workshop Participants are not considered registered until full payment is received.
    • Our certification courses have eligibility requirements, such as a minimum age. Please review the eligibility conditions before registering. Only qualified participants will be allowed to attain certification if they meet the appropriate certification criteria. Those under the minimum age requirement may participate in our certification workshops as an opportunity to receive third-party professional training from ACCT professional Vendor Member, but will not receive official certification.
    • Please read the qualifying criteria before applying to take an advanced Workshop (Level 1 or 2 Full Practitioner Workshop, or Course Manager Workshop). Please keep in mind that registration is not complete until all necessary paperwork is received and approved by Challenges Unlimited Inc. including a completed portfolio.
    • Participants in an in-person workshop will complete a medical screening information form, and acknowledgment and assumption of risk waiver.


    • If a participant withdraws from a course less than one month before the commencement date, the full price of the workshop is forfeited.
    • Those who withdraw more than one month before the course start date will receive a full refund.
    • Workshop registrations can be transferred to anyone who match the eligibility requirements. In the case of an advanced workshop (EG – Level 2 or Course Manager Workshop), the new registrant must be approved by the Training Services Department of Challenges Unlimited Inc, two weeks prior to the workshop start date to participate.


    • Challenges Unlimited Inc. reserves the right to cancel a workshop when necessary workshops are occasionally canceled as a result of a lack of enrollment. Participants will receive a full refund in this case. Every effort will be made to contact participants 14 days before the workshop start date.
    • Challenges Unlimited Inc. is not liable for any additional fees paid by registrants or attendees because of cancelled courses. These expenses include, but are not limited to, travel and lodging.
    • In the event the workshop is delayed or affected by natural events such as but not limited to fire, rain, and lightning, Challenges Unlimited Inc. will do our best to complete the training in the available, pre-determined timeframe. In the unlikely event the workshop cannot be completed in the allocated timeframe, Challenges Unlimited Inc will work with the workshop participants to find a scenario to complete the workshop.
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