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Zip Lines & Zip Line Tours

If you can dream it we can build it.

Zip Lines are perhaps the simplest of all the cabled structures and yet are also the most complicated to ensure work well. CUI engineers our Zip Lines to create a consistent ride for each rider that is smooth and comfortable. After installation, each line will be tested to ensure that it is tuned properly and that a variety of riders will reach the egress point. With the advent of the zipSTOP technology, we are now able to install Zip Lines with steeper lines and faster rides.

Things for you to consider in the planning process for your Zip Line or Zip Line tour.

  1. Who is your clientele?
  2. How much area do you have to contribute to this Adventure Facility?
  3. How many lines are you considering installing?
  4. What will be your access and egress systems?
  5. What sort of staffing structure have you considered in your business plan?