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Wet Willie Waterslides


Wet Willie®  Excitement!

The Wet Willie® slide is a giant water slide that can be installed virtually anywhere~into a small pond, lake, or swimming pool! It’s fun, affordable, and adaptable to your site. We have taken care of the engineering & design, so there is no need to create your water slide from scratch. You can add the Wet Willie water slide to your site for much less than other available water slides with out the need for expensive installation.

Our Colorful, Giant Water Slide will draw attention to your site. The Wet Willie® slide will enhance your waterfront or pool and add a splash to your facilities image. It’s a great marketing tool enabling you to lead the way in cutting edge waterfront fun!

Easy to operate, install, & maintain

Operation of the Wet Willie® Slide requires a minimal amount of staff personnel. The slide has a capacity of up to 250 riders an hour. It is weatherproof, durable, and much less expensive than other commercially available slides.

The unique design of the Wet Willie® slide incorporates a cable suspension, multiple color combinations, flexible 18 oz vinyl coated polyester with varying lengths up to 150 feet, and it meets the Association for Challenge Course Technology rigorous installation & inspection standards.


  • Length – up to 150 feet
  • Weight – 130 lbs per 50 feet
  • Material – Two layers of 18 oz vinyl coated polyester
  • Support – 3/8 ” galvanized aircraft cable (tensile strength 14,400 lbs)
  • Colors – Any combination of 12 different colors
  • Water Requirements – 10 to 20 gallons per minute (1/2 HP pump)

Contact Bryan for more information about this exciting product and how it can work for your adventure facility!