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TRUBLUE Auto Belay

Designed for climbing and engineered for safety, the TRUBLUE Auto Belay provides many unique benefits to operators.


TRUBLUE’s self-regulating eddy current magnetic braking system is the result of over four years of research, development and testing by an ISO 17025 certified testing facility.  This braking system provides many unique benefits to operators, including:

  1. Engineered and tested to meet international safety standards.
  2. Braking resistance adjusts automatically to suit the weight of the climber, providing a smooth descent.
  3. There are no wearing or sacrificial wear parts in this magnetic non-contacting system.
  4. The reactive core design braking system is engineered to eliminate the need for a clutch bearing, which is a key potential point of failure in previous and current modular auto belay designs.
  5. The TRUBLUE Auto Belay is simple to install and easy to relocate.
  6. Maintenance requirements and costs are minimal.
  7. Available in lengths up to 65 ft (20 m).

For more information about TRUBLUE’s and what they are all about, please visit Head Rush Technologies specially dedicated TRUBLUE website.