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HeadRush Technologies





We apply innovative technologies to bring new adventure recreation equipment to the climbing, zip line, adventure and amusement industries.

Head Rush Technologies products make adventure activities safer, while increasing throughput and enhancing customer experience.

Head Rush Technologies is best known for the application of eddy current braking technology in products such as our TRUBLUE Auto Belay, the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake and the QuickFlight Free Fall Device.

CUI is the Canadian Distributor for Head Rush products. Looking to purchase a Head Rush Technologies product to add to your existing Adventure Facility? We stock TRUBLUE, zipSTOP, QuickFlight and the all new FLIGHTLINE units and can ship across Canada. New to the product line is the Arboreal Tree Climbing System! Are you looking to build an Adventure Facility that includes Head Rush Products? We can provide you with design ideas, installation quotes and other equipment to support your installation.

For more information about Head rush and their incredible products, please visit their website.

Furthermore, CUI is the Canadian Service Centre for all Head Rush products in Canada. Annual recertification is required by the manufacturer to ensure that your device is still working as per the manufacturer’s specifications. In addition to annual service we also stock a full range of service parts for the various different products. For information on our service centre or to book your annual recertification click here.

If you would like to order any Head Rush products or have questions, please email