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Arboreal System

Arboreal Tree Climbing System

All you need is a tree, pole, or existing column to create an exciting challenge for climbers of all ages and abilities.

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The Arboreal Tree Climbing System is the perfect way to create a thrilling or skill-building adventure. Choose from a wide variety of hand-holds in varying types and colours to accommodate climbers of all ages and abilities.

The modular design makes it easy to change the location, placement, routes or handhold difficulty which lets you continually update routes and keep climbers coming back for more.

Designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, it can work as a standalone adventure in a backyard or as part of an existing resort, ropes course, camp challenge, or adventure park element. It’s sturdy enough to support your climbers and their gear, while also being gentle of trees.ArborealLogo-4c-01