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Family Entertainment Centre

Fully customizable with various themes, colours, interactive elements and ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, Sky Trail® aerial attractions deliver unforgettable, thrilling and challenging experiences to participants of all ages in facilities around the world. Sky Trail™, Sky Rail™ and Sky Tykes™ are engineered using U.S. patented integrated systems to ensure participants are kept safe and staff requirements are kept to a minimum in comparison to other similar adventure attractions. These aerial attractions are unique within the amusement industry as each element or activity is easy to manoeuvre through, there is no predetermined path and each Sky Trail has a continuous overhead tracking system that prevents participants from disconnecting their redundant sling lines while traversing through the activities.

Each Sky Trail can be tailored to suit a range of facilities and can grow depending on the client’s overall needs. Safety focused designs and engaging add-on elements such as Sky Rail or QuickFlight combine to not only give participants a great experience, but provide a quick return on investment and additional revenue streams for business owners as well.

For more information on the RCI Sky Trail Courses please download their catalogue

Top 10 Reasons We Partner With RCI:

  1. Quality customer support that extends long beyond the initial sale.
  2. Patented, safety focused designs.
  3. Time-tested technology utilized in each adventure attraction produced.
  4. Custom design and theme options available to suit your business.
  5. Adventure products that provide new revenue streams with minimal operational costs.
  6. Installation, inspections and training to ensure the attraction and its operators are safe.
  7. In-depth collaboration to transform unused spaces into highly profitable areas.
  8. Highly qualified designers and engineers on staff to turn visions into reality.
  9. Wide portfolio of adventure products delivers quick return on investment.
  10. Industry front runner with years of experience creating interactive entertainment attractions that increase dwell time of visitors and lasting memories at any given location.