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Family Entertainment Centre

A custom designed indoor Aerial Course from CUI will take advantage of your facility’s available space and will accommodate any unique challenges that the space may offer.

Indoor Courses can be suspended from ceilings to keep the floor space clear under the course. Alternatively the course can be built using CUI’s proprietary steel column as the structural component. Indoor Courses also have the option of being built with utility poles to offer a unique outdoor look and feel.

Element material (platform, bridges, etc) choice can range from standard dimensional lumber to composite decking to long lasting HDPE plastics.

Your choice of Life Safety Systems will help to define the goals and objectives of your course. An Aerial Course that uses the Edelrid Smart Belay will allow staff time to connect with participants and offers more opportunities for team building. This ‘Smart’ Lanyard system gives participants an experience similar to a traditional Aerial Park while mitigating the real risk of the participant removing both lanyards. This gives the participant a greater sense of independence.

If your facility requires a higher throughput that offers a more individual experience the Vertical Trek Continuous Belay will meet your needs. This system allows the same flexibility in movement of a traditional Aerial Course while providing a closed life safety system. The Vertical Trek System can be incorporated with all access and egress systems and can even allow for use with zip lines and free fall devices!

Courses can be designed to create a maze of elements allowing the participant to choose their own path or the course can be built as a trail to create a defined start and end location thereby helping with course management and flow.