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Climbing Walls

New England Ropes


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CUI works with a wide range of clients with Climbing Walls/towers and Commercial gyms. We have put together a selection of equipment that meets the needs of these clients and their programs.

We are proud to be the Canadian Distributor for the full product line from Head Rush Technologies, which includes the very popular and functional TRUBLUE Auto Belay.

CUI is also proud to supply Ontoro Climbing Holds. We sell route packages of pre-chosen Ontoro holds in 3 varying levels of difficulty. Visit our on-line store to view the different options. These packages are chosen based on a 32’ high climbing wall.

Along with harnesses from Misty Mountain Threadworks, rope from New England Ropes and hard goods from ISC (International Safety Components) we have been intentional in choosing these companies for the quality of their product line, their willingness to support their customer base and the availability of their products.

Our online equipment store allows you to complete your purchasing on-line or feel free to connect with CUI to place an order.