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Climbing Walls


Some questions for you to consider as you move forward with plans for your climbing wall:

  • Will your wall be built indoors or outdoors?
  • Who will be the primary user group of the climbing wall?
  • What are your goals for the wall? Will you be looking to use it for climber education as well as recreational opportunities?
  • Do you want a wall that has artificial holds placed on it for the climber to use or do you want a surface that resembles real rock?

CUI has designed and built walls for a wide range of client groups from the recreational user group, camp and community centre, commercial operations and therapeutic facilities. Each installation was designed in conjunction with the client to ensure that the end product best represented the needs of the user group.

CUI builds climbing walls with 4 different surfaces. Outdoor walls are traditionally built using utility poles to create the structure for the wall/tower. Indoor walls are traditionally built with an engineered steel frame that connects to existing building structure. The climbing surface is then attached to the steel structure.

Option #1 Decked Walls

Decked Walls are very functional walls for an outdoor setting. The wall is built with treated wood for the structure and makes use of a treated decking for the climbing surface. Climbing holds are then bolted to the deck boards to create routes for your climber.

A decked wall can have additional features added to it like laybacks, slab sections and bump outs to add variety to the climbing terrain.

Performance Panels

Option #2 Performance Panels

Performance panels are ¾” thick plywood panels (treated for outdoor walls) that are tee nutted and textured in a color(s) of your choice.  The wall color can be chosen to match a color scheme that is being used at your adventure facility or can be custom chosen for the wall. The Performance Panels offer more route setting options as the grid pattern of tee-nuts (used to connect your holds) allows for more holds to be placed on the wall. This is a great option for commercial clients or community centre climbing walls where you are likely to see return visits from your climbers. The texture also provides grip for climbers to make use of when climbing and no foothold is available.

Option #3 TecRoc Panels

A TecRoc Paneled wall gives the sense of climbing on real rock with the all the function of a fully tee-nutted climbing surface. The concrete on a TecRoc Panel can be tinted to match the color scheme of local rock features or to a color scheme of your choice. The flatter surface of the TecRoc panel still allows for the use of an artificial climbing holds to create your climbing routes.

These walls are traditionally built on steel structure.

Real Roc

Option #4 Real Roc

Our real roc panel is comprised of multiple different pre-formed concrete panels that mimic a real rock surface. These panels individually chosen, rotated and bolted to a steel structure in a pattern that creates a very realistic looking climbing surface. Minimal climbing holds are used with this product as the routes are formed with the panels and their layout. This product makes a very bold statement and will definitely attract attention.