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Challenge Courses

In order to help clients define what they are looking for in the design of their Challenge Course Adventure Facility, CUI has created several categories of elements.

  • Personal Challenge High Elements Giant Swing, Flying Squirrel and Aerial Trust Dive.
  • Static Belayed Courses –single or multiple height courses utilizing personal safety systems.
  • Dynamic Belayed Team Elements – three or more pole design with team based elements allowing for multiple climbers and groups during a session. eg. Dangle A Maze, Team All Aboard, Vertical Playground.
  • Dynamic Belayed Traversing Elements  – Multi-Vines, Cat Walk, Rickety Bridge
  • Low Elements – Individual and team challenges.

Short term costs to be aware of:

Site Evaluation Fees, Design and Planning Fee, Arboreal Inspection Fee (if building in trees), Challenge Course Element(s), Installation Costs, Climbing Equipment, Training Fees, Woodchips, Ladders and Equipment Storage.

Long term costs:

Yearly Staff Training, Yearly Inspection, Maintenance and Climbing Equipment Replacement.

We will work with you to outline the costs specific to your needs, and help you to plan the development of your program over an appropriate period of time. We value our customers and look forward to having a supportive relationship that includes leading edge professional consultation, training, inspection, maintenance, and equipment supply