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Edelrid Smart Belay

Edelrid Smart Belay is the best personal safety system lanyard for the Aerial Adventure Park market. Providing a consistent connection to the overhead life lines, this unit simplifies the process for training clients in their personal safety system prior to course participation; increases throughput as a result of the shorter training time; and allows the park to work with a larger staff to participant ratio.

A pair of communicating carabiners prevents the climber from accidentally removing their second carabiner in the process of transferring their personal safety system from one element to the next improving the overall safety of your course.

Integrated zip pulleys remove the requirement for additional equipment to be provided to the client for in course zip lines. Adding the Pilot Bar to the unit gives the climber a handle to hold onto while on the zip line helping them to steer their body in the direction of the zip. The Pilot Bar also helps climbers during a self-rescue scenario by providing a solid point to pull themselves back onto the cable.

The same pulley system also simplifies the process of assisting a climber back to a platform when stuck in the middle of an element. Staff will simply push the climber back to the platform rolling them along the life lines.

As of 2019 all Edelrid Smart Belay lanyards have an integrated RFID chip for seamless integration with the Gear Pilot App (available in the App Store and Google Play). Tracking and traceability couldn’t be easier with this new technology.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides a consistent connection to life lines.
  • Allows climbers to easily overtake and pass a slower climber while on course.
  • The Smart Belays don’t limit course design, making full use of the Open Web Concept.
  • Can be retrofitted to your existing course.
  • Modular system allows the unit to be customized to best suit your park.
  • CUI is home to the Canadian Service Centre and has parts and service available to keep your units in the field.

Please see the Edelrid 2020 Adventure Park Workbook for further info.

Frequently asked questions about Smart Belays can be found here:

Frequently Asked Questions

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