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Aerial Adventure Parks

We are committed to providing you with a facility that meets the specific needs of your client and that makes the best use of the space available.

It’s important to understand your options for the design of an Aerial Adventure Park whether you’re looking for an adventure based Tree Top Trekking course or a Canopy Tour used for Interpretive Programs.

We divide our course design into two categories:

  1. Integrated Web consists of a number of traversing activities at several different levels (height and difficulty), between anchor points (trees or utility poles), within a relatively contained area. Although IW has defined access and egress point(s) there is often not a single defined path.
  2. Journey consists of a defined start/access point, multiple traversing activities usually at one height, which follow a defined path through to the end of the Aerial Adventure Park.

Both of these designs can be installed on trees or on utility poles. However, the IW design is usually best installed on poles, as we are able to design for maximum efficient utilization of the poles. Where trees are not an option to utilize because of tree type/structure/health issues/regulation, poles are the best option.