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Aerial Adventure Parks



Quicktrekker from Vertical Trek Innovations is the most cost effective Continuous Belay system on the Market. It offers customers a simple and effective solution to fall protection for parks with high volume use. With solutions for in-course zip lines of all lengths, the system offers a fully integrated solution for custom built parks. Fittings and hardware, made in France, are stainless steel 316l which will provide long life spans in all environments.

Safety Hook

  Simple and easy to use. User training is straightforward and time effective.

  Easy handling due to light weight (less than 200 grams)

  Simple and quick evacuation in case of emergency.

No moving parts. Low maintenance. Customizable for course design.

Cross Plate

  The cross plate solves the challenge of Continuous Belay systems by allowing different paths to be created for the participant.

  Creates bifurcation points (passing lanes) for slower participants or for those who need a break!

Makes retrofitting existing courses easy and cost-effective.

Choice of direction is made by the hooks rotation.

CBS Breaking

• Kit of 3 parts makes it possible to connect a participant to a swing, access climbs using the ISC ALF RP430 and to jump off elements like the QUICKjump Free fall device.

The mechanism can be operated with one hand by rotating and releasing the latch.


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