ISC – Oval ‘Luke’ Aluminium Quad-lock Carabiner


The KH411 ‘Luke’ oval carabiner is the perfect extra safe carabiner for connecting a participant to a belay system. A single carabiner with ISC’s ‘Quadlock’ 4-way locking function.

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ISC’s KH411’Luke’ is CUI’s single aluminium carabiner of choice for connecting a client to a belay system with an additional lock to the current ‘Supersafe’ system. The symmetrical shape and the ‘Quadlock’ 4-way gate action takes the guesswork out of orienting a carabiner correctly. With a different colour gate twist you will not confuse them with its tri-lock twin.

25kn minimum breaking strength


International Safety Components (ISC)

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Weight 0.086 kg
Dimensions 11.1 × 6.7 × 2 cm
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