Operation Accreditation is a review process administered by ACCT recognizing challenge courses, aerial adventure/trekking parks, zip lines, and canopy tour sites (referred to as courses) that meet the procedural and standard compliance requirements established by ACCT.  The accreditation is conferred on one site which has demonstrated compliance with the ACCT standards through inspection, training documentation, and a detailed onsite operation review.

The purpose of  Operation  Accreditation is to identify challenge course,  aerial adventure/trekking park course, zip line and canopy tour organizations that serve the general public through a  commitment to quality, professional conduct/business practices and ongoing use and adherence to industry standards. Organizations will be required to demonstrate compliance with all accreditation requirements and in compliance with the current ANSI/ACCT 03-2019 standards.

CUI is pleased to be able to offer Operation Accreditation Reviews as part of our services.

The benefits of this review process for your site can include:

  • Provides a thorough review of your program and operation by a 3rd party provider, which in turn can aid you in identifying strengths and weaknesses, and improving upon those weaknesses. Reviews will take place in-season, allowing close examination of your policies and procedures and how they are translating within your actual program operation.
  • Provides further credence to outside parties such as insurance companies, school boards and other concerned parties that your site is operating within the industry best practices and ACCT standards.

For more information on the program itself, please visit the ACCT website here.

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