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Inspection Services

More information about operating an Amusement Device in Ontario can be found here.

More information about operating an Amusement Device in British Columbia can be found here.

Within Canada, different provinces have regulatory bodies which oversee the operation of specific components of Adventure Facilities such as Zip Lines and Free Fall Descender Devices. As the industry is continuing to grow and diversify in the nature of activities being made available, different provinces have deemed it necessary to implement or change regulations to better protect public safety.

Since 2014, in the Province of Ontario, the Technical Standards Safety Authority (TSSA) has required Zip Lines to be registered as an Amusement Device. This level of regulation has helped to standardize the operation of Zip Lines in the province. In 2018 Free Fall Descender Devices (QuickFlight, QuickJump for example) were added to the TSSA’s jurisdiction.

Regulatory systems vary in each province. CUI is working with regulators as necessary to ensure facilities are designed, installed, inspected and provided with training that meets each province’s specific requirements. We are pleased to offer the following services to support clients with provincial regulatory bodies:

  • Development and submission of Technical Dossier Packages
  • Annual Professional Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Training

For clients in Ontario, CUI has certified Amusement Device Mechanics on staff and is able to offer a full range of Zip Line and Free Fall Descender Device services to support Zip Line or Free Fall Descender Device operations. In addition to the above items, CUI is able to provide clients in Ontario with:

  • Amusement Device Mechanic (ADM)/ Amusement Ride Mechanic (AR) Services
  • Professional Training in required Pre-Operational Inspection skills including:
    • TSSA 6.1 Skill – Pre-operational Inspection & Documentation Skills for Zip Lines and Free Fall Descender Devices
    • TSSA 6.2 Skill – Pre-operational Test Ride for Zip Lines and Free Fall Descender Devices
    • TSSA 6.10 Skill- Pre-operational Inspection skills of the Braking System used to arrest a rider
    • TSSA 6.11 Skill – Pre-operational Inspection skills of required PPE
  • Amusement Device Operational procedures and Rescue training

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